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FREE SHIPPING On All Orders Over $50!

Color Flames Candles (12pcs per Box, Holders Included) Magical Flames

  • Colorful Birthday Candles set of 12 with candle holders included.
  • Light up any celebration with Magical Flames Colored Flame Party Candles.

    Actual flames burn in six vivid colors: Flaming Red, Plush Pink, Golden Yellow, Sky Blue, Luxuriant Green and Imperial Purple.

    For best results, use candles in a dim lit or darkened room.

    Each candle includes a plastic holder that collects dripping wax for a mess free celebration.

  • Transform a plain cake into a party treat to remember!

  • Use this candles when you're looking to give your cake that extra dose of excitement and fun.

  • Estimated delivery in 2-5 days